In the last 12 months, Elevate Capital and Elevate Inclusive have made a total of 17 investments in 15 companies (2 follow-on investments).

Elevate Capital has remained committed to supporting female and minority founders in Oregon and across the globe. Of the 198 employees employed by Elevate Capital’s 14 portfolio companies, over 70 percent are women and minorities. The Elevate Inclusive fund continues to invest exclusively in women and minorities. In fact, over half of Elevate Capital’s new companies are led by women.

We are very proud of our team here at Elevate, thankful to our investors, and are excited to witness how our portfolio companies change the world. Our new investments span fields ranging from global health, to hair care for women of color, to menswear-inspired womenswear. Here’s a look at our new portfolio companies:


Heritage Labs (Elevate Inclusive)
CEO: Kateigh Williams

Heritage Laboratories creates luxury skincare supplements, designed to help the body create brighter, hydrated, more radiant skin - naturally, from the inside out.  Through luxury, convenience and efficacy, we're modernizing the centuries-old Asian tradition of eating with health and beauty in mind."


Garden Bar (Elevate Inclusive)
CEO: Ana Chaud

Garden Bar serves generous bowls of raw leafy greens tossed with locally sourced fruits and vegetables, gratifying grains, all-natural meats, artisan cheeses, housemade dressings and more, all in a comfortable, modern-farmhouse setting. The menu also includes baked goods, handcrafted beverages and more. Founded in 2014 by Ana Chaud in Portland, Oregon, Garden Bar is THE destination for farm-fresh, handcrafted salads.


Scout (Elevate Capital, Elevate Inclusive)
CEO: Cody Mcgraw

Scout Military is a startup based in Portland, Oregon. Scout Military's primary goal is to alleviate the problems around military discounts for veterans and service members who shop without receiving discounts. Founded in 2014, Scout Military has grown to a team of six. Currently mobile apps provide over 150,000 local military discounts. Scout Military connects the military community with brands honoring discounts, savings, or special experience through our online marketplace and apps.


Curadite (Elevate Inclusive)
CEO: Dennis Mcnannay

Curadite is leading the way in reducing the US healthcare system’s $337 billion medication non-adherence problem. Combining cellular-enabled disposable packaging and IoT technology, Curadite fully supports patient's efforts to maintain their medication regimens. The Curadite platform provides individualized medication reminders, offers real-time medication tracking, generates usage data, and verifies communicator viability. It also invites patients to include friends, family and clinicians to be part of their Care Circle – a support system for their medication plan. Finally, recognizing that "Knowledge is Power", Curadite seeks to empower patients with the tools needed to improve medication adherence.


Rezi Rent (Elevate Inclusive)
CEO: Keenan Williams

Rezi Rent pays Landlords one year of rent upfront and then leases those properties  to long term high quality tenants via its advance AI based screening technology.


Hue Noir (Elevate Inclusive)
CEO: Paula Hayes

At Hue Noir, we are on a mission to change the face of beauty by putting multicultural women at the center of the modern beauty movement. We've blended SCIENCE + TECHNOLOGY to develop luxurious and innovative makeup solutions ideal for customers with nuanced skin tones ranging from fair to deep. Our brand was founded by Paula Hayes, a product chemist who is also a woman of color. Thanks to her expertise, we develop proprietary makeup formulas calibrated with multicultural women in mind.


Hemex Health (Elevate Inclusive)
CEO: Patti White

Hemex Health seeks out and works with brilliant inventors to deliver revolutionary solutions to global health problems. Their innovative products are designed to help millions of people across all markets, especially in underserved areas. Hemex Health was founded by Patti White, whose career has focused on finding and building solutions that make a difference in people's lives. In May 2017, Hemex Health was selected as a top woman-led health innovation hub company by Springboard Enterprises.


Wildfang (Elevate Inclusive)
CEO: Emma Mcilroy

Founded by Emma Mcilroy and Julia Parsley in 2013, Wildfang aspires to make menswear-inspired trends accessible to women everywhere. Known for their “Tomboy” tee and “Wild Feminist” design, Wildfang designs clothing for badass women. From wingtips and blazers to exclusive content and inspiration, Wildfang aims to bring out the best in their customer by serving both their tomboy fashion sense and their tomboy spirit.