Elevate Miami November 2023

Elevate Miami Inspires Women and BIPOC Entrepreneurs

Elevate Miami showcased the extraordinary talents and successes of women and BIPOC entrepreneurs in the tech industry. It ignited a flame of inspiration and hope within the community.

Elevate Capital is branching out to Miami, Florida, and tackling the inequalities women and BIPOC entrepreneurs face in raising funds in the tech industry. Currently, only 1% of women entrepreneurs receive early-stage funding in Florida.

Elevate Capital Launches High Energy Event in Miami

On November 30, 2023, over a hundred people gathered at Builders Collective in Miami to hear from three remarkable #WomenInTech entrepreneurs.

Monica Enand – Zapproved Founder and Elevate Limited Partner

Allie Magyar – Hubb Founder and Elevate Limited Partner

Ania Rodriguez – JourneyTrack Founder and Elevate Capital Miami-Based Portfolio

The evening was energetic and full of enthusiasm for a bright future. It was heartwarming to hear positive and supportive feedback from many women and BIPOC entrepreneurs.

Monica and Allie discussed how they beat all odds to bootstrap their technology startups, raise capital, and successfully sell their companies in tough economic times to create multi-generational wealth with great returns for investors.

Ania shared how her leadership and perseverance resulted in double-digit growth for her first company, Key Lime Interactive, and how her success led to JourneyTrack, an enterprise-grade SaaS customer experience management platform.

Ana Chaud, Elevate Capital Executive Partner and Founder & CEO of exited Elevate Capital portfolio company Garden Bar (now Evergreens), made a special appearance. “I was thrilled to attend and support Nitin Rai on his relentless mission to help women and BIPOC entrepreneurs across the U.S.,” said Ana.

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Entrepreneurs Share Inspirational Insights

“Elevate Capital is making a difference on the East Coast. The more we can join and support each other, the better we are as a community. Nitin taught me so much about cash flow, especially in the early days.” –Allie Magyar

“You have to think of working with investors who are a good partner for you—it’s constant diligence in asking questions. Investors like Nitin and Elevate put all their energy and passion into growing a community of engagement.” –Monica Enand

“You need a good culture fit with investors and your team who will share your values, scale quickly, and pull it through. This is the first time I’ve raised capital. Finding a partner like Elevate was a goldmine.” –Ania Rodriguez, Founder & CEO, JourneyTrack

“The sage advice and thoughtful insights were so appreciated—it was an incredible gathering.” –Claudia Panfil, Chief Marketing Officer, JourneyTrack

“It was an incredible gathering where we heard from trailblazing entrepreneurs. We left the event inspired and met some truly amazing people.” –Joanna Martel, Dockabout.app Co-Founder

Elevate Miami 2023 Event

Creating Opportunities for Miami Tech Entrepreneurs

Thank you to our sponsors, Gene Schaefer, President of Bank of America Miami, for your opening remarks and Caio Prado, Corporate/VC Partner with Nelson Mullins, for moderating the panel discussion.

“Nitin is a force; we look forward to Elevate Capital focusing more on Miami’s ecosystem,” said Gene Schaefer. “We invested in Elevate in 2021 to address racial inequality and create more economic opportunities for underserved small businesses. We saw a need on the startup side.”

“I’m incredibly grateful to Nitin Rai for the opportunity to participate. It was a great experience being the moderator and representing Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough as one of the sponsors,” said Caio. “I’m still impressed by the energy and inspiration that filled the room. We dove into interesting discussions about how to start a company, raise capital, hire successful teams, and deal with challenging economic environments.”

“Witnessing powerful stories from Women in Tech like Monica Enand, Allie Magyar, and Ania Rodriguez was a masterclass. They have not just built successful ventures; they’ve navigated tough economic waters to create legacies,” adds Caio.

Miami Mayor Shares Ecosystem is Gaining Momentum

The audience was thrilled to hear Miami Mayor Francis X. Suarez share his insights about the startup ecosystem gaining momentum in South Florida.

“In Miami, we seek to be different and that everyone in our city has the opportunity to be successful, and no one is overlooked, no matter who you are or where you grew up, said Mayor Suarez. “Without you, your stories, and your successes, and without you changing the world companies, the world wouldn’t be what it is, and Miami wouldn’t be what it is now. This room tonight did not exist in this city five years ago—it’s a testament to what we can do together, exciting and different.”

“Mayor Suarez’s closing remarks and insights on Miami’s startup ecosystem were a highlight, echoing the city’s commitment to diversity and innovation,” said Caio Prado.

The Future: Creating Generational Wealth for Women and Diverse Founder-led Startups in Miami

Miami is a highly diverse and fledgling entrepreneurial ecosystem. Elevate Miami showcased the extraordinary talents and successes of women and BIPOC entrepreneurs in the tech industry. It ignited a flame of inspiration and hope within the community.

Elevate Capital plans to make a huge dent in Miami, supporting women and diverse founder-led startups. Ania Rodriguez and her company, JourneyTrack, was the first dent. There will be many more to come.

Nitin Rai
Managing Partner
Elevate Capital

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