Dedication from Elevate Capital Pays Off with $25M for RFPIO

Dedication from Elevate Capital Pays Off with $25M for RFPIO

RFPIO was in our first cohort of investments that we made at Elevate Capital. I met RFPIO’s CEO, Ganesh Shankar, even before I launched Elevate. When Ganesh came to pitch at a TiE event in January 2016, I immediately sensed his passion and drive. It was infectious right from the beginning.

The Unequal Geographic Distribution of Venture Capital

While venture capital has been the fuel that powers innovation in America, it has long been concentrated in select major cities across the country. Given that the country’s most powerful and fastest-growing companies are clustered in hubs like the Silicon Valley, New York City, and Seattle, it’s not surprising that venture capital shares a similarly concentration.

Women and Minority Founders in the Venture Capital Pipeline

Venture capital has historically been an insular, isolated world. In the world of venture capital, women and minorities are dramatically underrepresented – both in terms of having the power to give out funding, and in being on the receiving end of that funding. Today, venture capital continues to exclude female and minority entrepreneurs from the investment pipeline.

Portfolio Update: Summer 2017

Elevate Capital has remained committed to supporting female and minority founders in Oregon and across the globe. Of the 198 employees employed by Elevate Capital’s 14 portfolio companies, over 70 percent are women and minorities. The Elevate Inclusive fund continues to invest exclusively in women and minorities. In fact, over half of Elevate Capital’s new companies are led by women.